About Samuel Lehane

As an audio engineer, I give performers a voice. As a visual technician, I allow them to wow audiences. As a managing director I’m able to do both, and work with my team to deliver the best results for our clients. My personal mission is to offer complete client satisfaction, providing the best quality audiovisual products and turnkey solutions, but with an unparalleled level of service: to ensure my clients get the most out of my time and theirs. Originally a musician, I took my first steps down the path of the audiovisual industry to sustain my hobbies. But a job turned into a passion, and I find myself immersed in a world where I wake up knowing I’ll be exploring new and exciting technologies, and processes designed to spread people’s messages and enhance their experiences. It’s not enough for me to simply sell products. I need to know how they work, and how they can be optimised for each distinct situation. A curious mind, I’ll often find myself researching new techniques into the early hours. I’m determined to acquire a thorough understanding of innovative processes and groundbreaking applications that will make the lives of my clients easier now, and for the future. A less common experience, but my proudest, was the planning and execution of the opening of BeeGee’s Way Stage 2 at Redcliffe. Equipment hire, production, live streaming and audio recording, system design, cameras and speakers lined the street. Over 2km of network cable connecting over 400m of a performance area, fifty 10-inch speakers and their controls wound down an alleyway to entertain and connect a large crowd for the very special event. In my rare spare time, you won’t find me sitting still. I’ve a love for the beach and the slopes. No matter the climate, I’ll be boarding. I find myself drawn to the world of research and development, and am excited to make new contacts along the way.

INOV Server Relocation Complete

By | 2015-05-22T10:20:52+10:00 May 22nd, 2015|INOV Digital Signage|

We are please to announce that INOV Servers have successfully been relocated to VentraIP in Sydney Australia. This has significantly increased our server speed for our Australian customers. If you are still experiencing a connection or player [...]

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