SAVE $10,000 a year, this is not a gimmick and can be achieved today!

Does your business utilise digital signage? Are you still changing USB sticks to control displays? Maybe you have considered digital signage but don’t know whom to turn to?

If so your business is wasting hours upon hours of your time doing something that you don’t need to do. Costing you thousands of dollars and wasting hundreds of hours every year!

INOV Digital Signage can save your business over $10,000 in wages and give you more than 50 days of extra time every year!

INOV Digital signage is a cloud based, hassle free digital signage solution. It offers a complete turnkey setup that puts you and your business in control of your advertising. Whether it is one display, hundreds or even thousands, INOV Digital Signage allows you to control any of your displays, from anywhere in the world.


All your content is uploaded to the cloud, where you can schedule when your advertising campaigns show. Then the displays manage themselves! It’s that easy! It saves hours of having to manually load content onto a USB that you can’t control remotely. That means when you announce a sale, a new promotion or advertising for upcoming events, it takes less than five minutes to schedule the content into the cloud and then your campaigns are live across your displays, opposed to half a day or more of changing USB sticks.


No more tacky transitions! No more glitchy content and strict image formats! INOV Digital Signage supports images, videos, web embedded live content and so much more!

Our service saves your business money and time and this small investment can save your marketing team hours upon hours of time a week.

Lets say you employ a Marketing Manager and you are paying them $40 an hour. With your standard TVs and USBs it would take approximately 8 hours a week to manage a group of ten displays on two sites. That’s $320 a week not including on-costs. Running ten displays on our service only costs approximately $100 a week ($9.98ex GST per display per week*) and it only takes around 15 minutes to manage the whole network costing a total of $112 a week ($12.50 of labor + $99.80 for the service). That saves you $208 a week! Which is over $10,000.00 a year plus gives your Marketing Manager or marketing team over 400 hours a year to spend on more important tasks than manually managing your displays.


Running a business myself, I know that every cent matters, this saves you real money and time providing a completely remote managed solution that is automated, cloud based and convenient. It will provide you with a real-time medium that will improve your customer engagement and save you money.


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*Player subscriptions start at $9.98ex GST per week when you purchase a display from us. Standalone player subscription cost 12.98ex GST per week, per display.
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